I studied photography as a way of exploring things. At first it was a case of watching and occasionally taking pictures with my Dad’s slr camera and lenses. I remember walking through a rose garden as a kid with his camera, loving every moment of it, a little unsure with what settings to use or what was happening, just getting the idea.

Now, I am curious about any photos from the past. The textures shown in old photos, the clothing people wear – these really make shots interesting. Like everyone, I had baby cameras, point-and-shoot cameras, before acquiring some serious hardware. At college I got a Nikon slr with kit lens, and had access to endless supplies of cheap black and white photography paper. The college had a developing machine with a dark room, and I reveled in the arcana of the photographers’ technology and art.

Then digital cameras and mobiles came along, simplifying the process in some areas, and making it more complex in others – but definitely adding more options. I began taking pictures more frequently. I learned about post-production – capturing, developing and playing with images, leaving some clean, heavily editing others, using infrared and ultraviolet photography… At the same time, I studied what others were doing, gathering inspiration as I do with my music: enjoy what people create and try and be absorbed by it, as well as do it myself to get into something that feeds my innate desires to create, explore, and focus closely on the curious aspects of existence.

Many thanks




Zac Z

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