“To feed your senses with sound is a beautiful thing to experience. I Love listening to music there are so many different emotions and feelings in the world of sound. So many artists to enjoy and to admire and to look to for inspiration.”

I play a lot of different instruments; guitar, vocals, bass guitar, drums, various percussion: congo, steel drums, scratch turntables, keyboards, drum machines, effects units.

I love music. Its filled with energy, a type of purity and escape that can hold your attention to take your mind off life. When you put on a great album by someone and listen to it threw; unwinding to the feelings of sounds it's a wonderful gift musicians give us all to enjoy. There are so many great artists and albums to discover, something I am grateful each day I find something new or old, but amazing out there!”

Over the years, I’ve released four albums: Imperfections, Liquid Pepper, Tripsville, Tennessee and Yeti Man Born. The albums and their booklets are currently available only as a digital downloads (see below).



Zac Z

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