Dragon Fly

Dragon Fly overflows with music: dystopian soundscapes in “Moments Valley” and “Bubble drop“,  hard-hitting blues guitar mashed with drum and bass in “Eye of the Storm” along with other blues rock tracks such as “Jamout” and “Venus Fly”, chilled-out electronic vibes and up-tempo electronica. His gravelly voice roars through tracks like “Rolling Away” and “Ony”.


This range of material is underpinned by a truly vast array of different instruments and production techniques. The style is eclectic, electric and energetic.


Available as a digital download: the 28 track album, along with a 12-page PDF booklet and cover art, is available immediately. You can download Dragon Fly in the following formats, MP3 (320 kbit) with booklet, M4A with booklet, or you can just download the booklet.

File sizes:

      • MP3 288MB (Zip file 106 MB)
      • M4A 409MB (Zip file 95.7 MB)
      • Booklet 2.2 MB

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