liquid pepper

Liquid Pepper (2012) places a greater emphasis on production values, moving away from guitar towards pure sound and electronica. Vocals, piano, drums and turntable scratching provide a listening experience that is both chilled-out and heavy at the same time. The music covers the musical spectrum. The title track begins with what sounds like bees swarming over drumming, as if the union were perfectly natural Gaia offers piccolo and piano to rhythm, soft and hard sounds ricocheting off each other to give the track its feel, a prayer to mother natures gift of life. hop your soul a calling for love, the album creates a unique sonar soundscape. one he hopes people can enjoy and get something from.

"Originally I released my second LP, around the same time as my first album in 2010, it's a very different album though. It has an electronic vibe, I took ages trying to understand how to use the DAW with a keyboard, electric drums, and a turntable. I chose to use less guitar then my first album so I could learn my first steps into production. I kept going back and reworking the album to get it to where it is when I re-released it in 2012. A lot of work went into making that album!"

Available as a digital download: the 10 track album, along with a 12-page PDF booklet and cover art, is available immediately. You can download Liquid Pepper in the following formats, MP3 (320 kbit) with booklet, M4A with booklet, or you can just download the booklet.

File sizes:

      • MP3 108.2MB (Zip file 106 MB)
      • M4A 101.7MB (Zip file 95.7 MB)
      • Booklet 2.2 MB

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