Imperfections is an acoustic-based introspective meditation on beginnings. Largely rooted in voice and guitar, the double album reflects a young man growing. The album presents a self-taught musician experimenting in loose, freestyle musical form. Single-layered sound recorded over several years, these songs are “imperfections” randomly etched out of thin air filled with accidental inventions and moments meandering through sound, picking berries along the way.

"My first album was a double LP, I recorded it over a long while. It was a big step for me, I originally released it near my birthday in 2010 most of it is based on acoustic guitar and singing, while a couple of tracks were added after its initial release. Getting the booklets together was a real challenge! Its got bits I'm proud of!"

Available as a digital download: the 18 track double album, along with a 24-page PDF booklet and cover art, is available immediately. You can download Imperfections in the following formats, MP3 (320 kbit) with booklet, M4A with booklet, or you can just download the booklet.

File sizes:

          • MP3 161MB (Zip file 105.9MB)
          • M4A 216.5MB (Zip file 197.4 MB)
          • Booklet 3.9 MB

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      Zac Z

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