Art-Fashion is a mix of the best of both worlds. Where Fashion is Art. Put a picture on the wall and look at it, sure. How about be Art and let the Fashion do the talking?”


Zac Z is Art-Fashion at its best. Producing mid-range to luxury fashion products known for their distinctive original art. Founded in early 2018. It is a mixture of culture and life.


The aim is to bring you the Musical and Visual works of Zachary Alexander Zielinski harmoniously merged with carefully selected bespoke items created by our skilled and specialised team that is dedicated to bringing you the best in Art-Fashion and Music.


Fashion and Music are as much a part of life as the air we breath. Passion is letting out your inner being to grow and be free in expressing yourself. Art and Design are one and the same, to be passionate is to live, creating is life.”


Be Art.. Live Art.. Wear Art

Team Z




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Zac Z

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