Tripsville, Tennessee

Tripsville, Tennessee teams up Deep N Beeper (aka Nick Knatchbull) and Zac Z to bring you musical vibes and an electric humming of rhymes and rhythm. Its an electronic album mixed with acoustic instruments of all sorts and vocals. There are euphoric highs riding on top of a calm stillness, soundscapes sailing on the calm sea of this record.

ZAC - “We met each other a few years ago and immediately got on musically. We share a lot of similarities and tastes, but have enough differences to make it interesting. It really made sense to work together and bring something new out. Nick is great behind the computer and took to producing the record while I threw out ideas and a few extra sounds.”

NICK - “Zac is a talented acoustic musician and I am basically a purely electronic artist (although I've worked with instrumentalists before). Its always nice to have that natural vibe and flowing creative sound that comes from real instruments among the electronic witchcraft and futurist synths. I heard some of Zac’s loops and we decided to do an EP together which turned into a mini-album! I really enjoyed working on this and feel it’s some of our most original work to date. Zac shone in the guitar, vocals and various other instruments department (he has the biggest collection of weird and wonderful instruments I have ever seen!) but was there while I was engineering too, helping with the creative production process. The funniest thing was the naming of the project. We had just set up the mic to record Zac and I was testing it and suddenly (God only knows why!) the opening track intro bit and eventual name of the album "Tripsville, Tenessee" popped into my brain and out of my mouth! It fits the general vibe of the music perfectly - and it stuck!"

Available as a digital download: the 7 track album, along with a 7-page PDF booklet and cover art, is available to download immediately. You can download Tripsville, Tennessee in the following formats, MP3 (320 kbit) with booklet, M4A with booklet, or you can just download the booklet.

File sizes:

MP3 102.18 MB (Zip file 93.7 MB)
M4A 44.51 MB (Zip file 43.3 MB)
Booklet 5.8 MB

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